Illinois Casino Winner Robbed of Cash at Gunpoint

Illinois Casino Winner Robbed of Cash at Gunpoint

34-year-old Cordero Supe was leaving the Rivers Casino in Illinois this week after a successful night at the tables when his luck ran out. The self-proclaimed high roller, who is a black card member of the Rivers Casino had won $40,000 over the evening and decided to call it a night around 2:00 am on Tuesday, November 9th.

As Supe stepped out of the casino into the car park, he was robbed by two armed men. The two bandana-clad robbers ordered him to hand over his cash, keys and phone, before making off with his winnings.

“I walked out and I was attacked by two young men in a blue four-door sedan,” he told Chicago-based news station WFLD. “And they hopped out in the middle of the parking lot with a gun and told me to give them everything.”

Cordero Supe believes he was set up. Thinking back over the evening he recalls a young lady who he chatted with and who stood behind him, watching him gamble for an hour or two. She knew exactly how much money he had won. Supe believes that she tipped off the robbers in the car who were waiting for him when he left the casino.

Supe, who gave up his phone had another one on him which he used to take a picture of the robbers’ car. He then returned to the casino to tell them what had happened. Des Plaines PD is now looking into the robbery.

And, as for Supe, next time he will make sure to take his winnings in a check.